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What I do

My Story

I started in early childhood development field. I was part of the team that developed and implemented child-care programs that support and promote the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of the children. It was at this stage that my passion of Life Coaching evolved. I decided to focus of helping others to develop their personal growth, achieve their goals and unlock their true potential.

I have worked with families, couples and individuals in which each had their own unique challenges. My methods and techniques that I developed enabled me to resolve each challenges. Life Coaching is more than just listening, it is engaging, defining, and the use of methods that produce results.

Customer Review

Hava is an extremely gifted coach. Building a relationship with her felt effortless, I found it very easy to be open and vulnerable, and Hava always received me with encouragement, humor and love. I would highly recommend Hava to those seeking trusted guidance and insight navigating life transitions and challenges. Thank you Hava.



Thank you for all your advice, information and help this last year. You’ve made such a great difference in our lives, we’re so grateful for you.

Sharelle & Shane


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